Sifu New Comparison Video Highlights Good Optimization On PlayStation 4, Shorter Loading Times on PlayStation 5


A new Sifu comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the differences between the PC and PlayStation versions of the game.

The video, which has been released online by ElAnalistaDeBits, confirms how the game runs at 4K resolution on both PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5, and at 1080p on PlayStation 4. The video also highlights how the game seems well optimized on all platforms, running decently on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The PC and PlayStation 5 versions obviously come out on top, featuring better shadows, although with visual glitches on PlayStation 5, and better antialiasing. The PlayStation 5 version also features better loading times.

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- Shorter loading times on PS5. On PC, an NVMe PCie SDD has been used.
- Better shadows on PC. On PS5 the setting is equivalent to high, while on PS4 and PS4 Pro the setting is low.
- Shadows in the distance on PS5 are not displayed correctly. Considering that PS4 does, it seems to be a bug.
- Same texture quality in all versions.
- PS4 and PS4 Pro suffer some framerate drops, but they hold up decently at 60fps.
- It's funny how we can get very similar results with an RTX 3050 and PS5 with this game.
- PS5 and PC have better antialiasing compared to PS4/Pro.
- All versions use cubemap reflections.
- A game with good optimization in all versions. It is true that it is not a very demanding game, but that does not detract from its merit. You will enjoy it on any platform.

Sifu is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.