Samsung Smartphones’ Average Selling Price Is Highest It Has Ever Been in 6 Years Due to Galaxy S20 Series, Foldable Models

Samsung Smartphones’ Average Selling Price Is Highest It Has Ever Been in 6 Years

With manufacturers starting to cram in a slew of hardware in their mobile devices, it immediately raises their price tag. Such is the case with the Galaxy S20 lineup, as well as models like the Galaxy Z Flip, which would have no doubt contributed to increasing the average selling price of Samsung’s smartphones. In fact, A new report talks about the average selling price of the Korean giant’s handsets being the highest in six years now.

The Last Time Samsung Smartphones’ Average Selling Price Was Higher, It Was Back in 2014

According to data compiled by Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s average selling price of smartphones from the January - March period was $292. This figure represents an 8.5 percent increase compared to the previous year, along with a 20.7 percent increase in average selling price compared to three months earlier. The last time the figure reached $297 was back in 2014, whereas back in 2019, the average selling price dropped to $247.

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The Galaxy Fold launched in 2019 at a price that was just shy of hitting the $2,000 mark, but this year even the price of regular ‘candy-bar’ handsets have increased. Take a look at the Galaxy S20 series for example. The base model alone started a $999 when it first launched, though there are numerous discounts stamped on all three versions from time to time. These price cuts should only get better as time goes on. There’s also the Galaxy Z Flip, which was released at a retail price of $1,380.

Also, the Galaxy Z Flip isn’t the only foldable smartphone that Samsung is scheduled to release in 2020. There are talks of a Galaxy Fold 2 arriving with a bigger display, higher refresh rate, improved cameras, and more, and there’s a rumor that a cheaper Galaxy Fold Lite may also be sold to customers later in the year. However, looking at the state of foldable handsets for 2020, it’s highly likely that even the most affordable model will lighten your wallet, leading to an increase in the average selling price.

We also want to add that since Samsung relies on Qualcomm for its Snapdragon 865, using this chipset in premium devices also increased their pricing since the SoC didn’t ship with an integrated 5G modem, resulting in higher costs for Samsung. There are talks that the Snapdragon 875 may include an embedded Snapdragon X60 5G modem, but it’s not guaranteed that even if this happens, Samsung will pass those savings onto customers.

News Source: The Korea Herald

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