Galaxy Fold 2 Camera to Receive an Upgrade This Year; Foldable Flagship Will Stick to Triple Sensor Configuration


Later this year, Samsung is expected to release the successor to its original folding phone. We have heard quite a bit about it already, such as the potential support for the S Pen as well as that rumored under-display selfie shooter. Now, some more alleged specs have surfaced, which focus on the Galaxy Fold 2 camera amongst other things.

The report comes from Ross Young, a display market analyst. He claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 camera will be a massive improvement over last year’s Galaxy Fold, featuring a 12MP sensor, a 16MP camera, and a 64MP module. The camera system is also expected to offer dual optical image stabilization.

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While more details are not known, it looks the Galaxy Fold 2 camera system will be borrowing the 64MP sensor from the Galaxy S20 Plus. Either way, it would be a drastic improvement over the triple camera system of the Galaxy Fold, which boasted a 12MP + 12MP + 16MP rear camera setup.

What Are the Pricing Expectations of the Galaxy Fold 2?

Other than possible Galaxy Fold 2 camera specs, Young has also laid down price estimates. He believes the handset will cost in between $1780 and $1980 range, with more chances of it falling within the $1880-$1895 range despite improvements like 5G support and a better camera system.

The $100 reduction is expected to help with demand, which makes sense as the environment right now is not all that conducive for the sale of pricey smartphones. Lastly, he believes that the unveiling will take place in August, alongside the launch of the Galaxy Note 20. As for shipments, they are expected to commence in September.

Although the Galaxy Fold 2 camera specs sound promising, we wonder if they, along with other rumored improvements, will be enough to rake in a respectable amount of sales, given the pandemic-fueled economic downturn.

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News Source: Twitter (Ross Young)