Cheaper ‘Galaxy Fold Lite’ Could Arrive in Late 2020; May Feature Significantly Reduced Price Than the Galaxy Fold

Omar Sohail
Cheaper ‘Galaxy Fold Lite’ Could Arrive in Late 2020

The Galaxy Fold with its $1,980 wouldn’t have settled well with a lot of consumers who wanted to experience that unique form factor. Samsung then went ahead with the launch of its cheaper Galaxy Z Flip, and according to leaked hardware specifications, the Galaxy Fold 2 is also on its way. While we don’t expect the Fold 2 to be any more affordable than its predecessor, Samsung may have a remedy to this expensive pricing conundrum in the form of the rumored Galaxy Fold Lite, a less financially straining solution for the masses to enjoy this foldable form factor.

Galaxy Fold Lite Could Start From $1,100 and Might Be Offered in One Storage Capacity

After sharing details that the Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive later this year, Max Weinbach has more details surrounding the cheaper Galaxy Fold Lite. Though he doesn’t mention which chipset it will arrive with, he does state in his tweet that the innards of the Galaxy Fold Lite will comprise up of parts from 2018, to 2020. According to Android Central, the upcoming affordable foldable will arrive with a Snapdragon 865, coupled with a $1,100 price tag.

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The available colors slated to arrive for the Galaxy Fold Lite are Mirror Black and Mirror Purple but there will be no UTG technology that’s present in the Galaxy Z Flip, possibly to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible. Also, just like the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold Lite is expected to come with a smaller outward display, along with a single 256GB variant.

According to Ross Young, before the Galaxy Fold 2 is launched, Samsung will attempt to clear out the Galaxy Fold inventory as well. To help sell as many units as possible, the Korean technology giant will reportedly unveil a Galaxy Fold Special Edition in July for a price of $1,099.

Looking at how much the original Galaxy Fold cost, this is a massive improvement in terms of affordability but it’s far from what the majority of the masses can carry around as their daily driver. Hopefully, Samsung will continue to churn out less pricier versions of foldable flagships, allowing customers with slightly lighter wallets to experience this new form factor without putting a dent on their finances.

News Source: Twitter (Max Weinbach)

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