Samsung’s ‘K-Chip Era’ Efforts Start Ramping up – Powerful, More Efficient Exynos SoCs Inbound?

Omar Sohail
Samsung’s ‘K-Chip Era’ Efforts Start Ramping up

Given the embarrassing run with the Exynos 990, Samsung has reportedly ramped up its R&D efforts for its semiconductor arm to complete its ‘K-Chip era’. The Korean giant earlier stated that it’s planning a wide-range of collaborations with the greatest minds and institutions to realize its dream.

With its efforts ramping up, it’s possible one of those efforts would be to make a more powerful and efficient line of Exynos chipsets. To be honest, Samsung hasn’t had the best of runs in 2020, with its Galaxy S20 seeing a major slump in sales. While some might blame the lack of increased shipments on COVID-19, there are a few things that Samsung should take responsibility for as well.

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One Recent Development Was Samsung Partnering With AMD to Create an SoC That Took Down the Snapdragon 865 in an Early Benchmark

With the Exynos 990 debacle, there are rumors coming that Samsung has started mass production of its Exynos 992, which is said to be made on the company’s 5nm node. The smaller lithography should bridge the performance gap with the Snapdragon 865, but we’ll see how it fares against the Snapdragon 865 Plus rumored to be found in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

While this could be just the start of Samsung’s plans, the company states that it will be working with various talents to enhance competitiveness in the semiconductor segment.

“Samsung Electronics has been making efforts to cultivate the domestic semiconductor ecosystem with its partners recently. We plan to aggressively cultivate future semiconductor talents to lead the company.”

Previously, there were rumors of an Exynos 1000 being developed and it would take advantage of ARM’s Cortex-A78 cores and possibly a Mali-G78 or a chip hailing from AMD’s RDNA architecture. Whatever the case may be, an unnamed silicon from Samsung’s camp was recently spotted and surprisingly, it took down the Snapdragon 865 quite comprehensively.

Whether this chip is a part of Samsung’s ‘K-Chip era’ or it’s something else, we’re not entirely sure, but what we do know is if the company is doubling its efforts in this segment, then it can only mean excellent news for future Exynos chipsets. When we’ll get to hear about proper developments, that’s something that will be known in the near future, so stay tuned.

News Source: ZDNet Korea

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