Galaxy S20 Sales Figure Could Be the Lowest of Any Galaxy S Series, Says Tipster – COVID-19 to Blame or Something Else?

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Galaxy S20 Sales Figure Could Be the Lowest of Any Galaxy S Series, Says Tipster

While the Galaxy S20 might be a huge upgrade over the Galaxy S10, the prices have also gone up significantly. Last year’s lineup started at $749, and the highest-end model was priced at $999 for the base configuration. This year, the entry-level version alone start from $999. So, the new phones are definitely pricey and this can be a deterrent. Throw in the coronavirus to the mix, and you can foresee Galaxy S20 sales tumbling to record-breaking levels.

According to the tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S20 sales aren’t just poor, they can be downright disgraceful for Samsung. Apparently, the shipments will be the lowest they have ever been for the Galaxy S series. Sure, Samsung can blame the COVID-19 for the results and this can allow it to do some face-saving, but other factors cannot be ignored.

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As we mentioned before, the price can be a huge factor. Sure, the Galaxy S20 series offers a better display, 5G support, and camera upgrades, but consumer spending might have hit a plateau. In fact, according to details shared by Wave7 Research, Galaxy S20 sales were low in the U.S. well before the virus started causing havoc. Similarly, shipments were reported to be 60 percent that of the Galaxy S10 series well before the coronavirus hit South Korea hard. Part of the issue in Samsung’s home country could be lower carrier subsidies.

However, sales are apparently down across the board. One report claims smartphone sales tanked 38 percent in February compared to the same year in 2019. Even the sales of Huawei’s high-end 5G phones are said to be suffering because of the pandemic, although the Chinese giant may not be hit not hard as its native land is slowly resuming normalcy as the worst appears to be over for the country. In other parts of the world, shipments will likely shrink further if the virus drags on until Q3 2020. Also, a double whammy of exorbitant price and negative PR for the Exynos 990 models will probably make it worse for the overall Galaxy S20 sales.

Surprisingly though, the priciest Galaxy S20 Ultra is reportedly doing better than the other models, thanks to features like the 100x Space Zoom and the 108MP sensor. In fact, the demand is so good, that the company is ramping up the production of some camera components. Based on that, we can surmise that maybe the novel features are good enough for consumers to splurge, but unless the sales of the decked-out model make up for the disappointing shipments of the other two, it wouldn’t do Samsung a whole lot of good.

News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)

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