Snapdragon 865 Plus Launch Could Be Around the Corner Touting Higher CPU & GPU Frequencies, Implies Tipster

Omar Sohail
Snapdragon 865 Plus Launch Could Be Around the Corner Touting Higher CPU & GPU Frequencies

Back in April, Qualcomm’s smartphone partner Meizu said that Snapdragon 865 Plus wouldn’t be going into development. It’s possible the chipset manufacturer would want to put more focus on the Snapdragon 875, but one tipster believes that the Snapdragon 865 Plus launch is still on the cards, and it’s just around the corner.

Leakster Has Also Shared an Image, Implying That an Upcoming ASUS ZenFone Model Might Feature the Snapdragon 865 Plus

A couple of screenshots from Geekbench 5 have been shared by tipster going by the name Digital Chat Station. He claims that the Snapdragon 865 Plus will sport higher CPU and GPU clock speeds, which isn’t uncommon by any stretch of the imagination. Take a look at the Snapdragon 855 Plus and compare it to the Snapdragon 855. The only thing different about both SoCs is that the Snapdragon 855 Plus launched with higher CPU and GPU frequencies. That’s it.

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The differences in the scores of two smartphone models can also be seen in the screenshots Digital Chat Station has shared. One screenshot shows the scores obtained by the Xiaomi Mi 10, which is obviously running a Snapdragon 865 since it was unveiled earlier in the year. The other could be an unnamed ASUS ZenFone that could be launched alongside the ROG Phone 3 and as you can tell, the higher scores obtained by this model indicate that it could feature a Snapdragon 865 Plus.

However, before you get excited, here’s a little twist. Digital Chat Station has also shared the clock speed of the processor in question. The value seen in the first image is 3.09GHz, which is the same frequency that the ROG Phone 3 is said to be running because it’s running an ‘overclocked’ Snapdragon 865, not a Snapdragon 865 Plus. At this point, we could say that it’s one and the same thing, but unless ASUS specifies the silicon as the “Snapdragon 865 Plus”, Digital Chat Station would be wrong in his findings.

Regardless, do you think there’s still a chance Qualcomm would launch the Snapdragon 865 down the road? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Digital Chat Station)

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