Galaxy Z Fold 2 Could Be More Expensive Than Original Galaxy Fold, but Not by Much

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Z Fold 2 Could Be More Expensive Than Original Galaxy Fold, but Not by Much

Samsung may not go easy on customers’ wallets are far as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 pricing is concerned. According to the latest report, the upcoming foldable flagship will be more expensive than the Galaxy Fold, but thankfully, the difference will be negligible.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will Reportedly Cost $1,990, Making It Just $10 More Expensive Than a New Galaxy Fold

A fresh report from ETNews talks about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 pricing standing at a whopping $1,990. Keep in mind that the Galaxy Fold retailed for $1,980 at launch so considering that we are expecting a successor with vast improvement, the price difference isn’t all that much to be honest. Also, the report also mentions that despite its high price tag, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could sell around six-times more than it predecessor.

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According to previous figures, the Galaxy Fold racked up 500,000 shipments, but the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is expected to reach three million units. This estimation is impressive considering that the upcoming model is more expensive than most premium gaming laptops. Still, we’ll advise you to treat this pricing report with a pinch of salt for now. The one key area where Samsung would have focused on is improving the durability of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

One of them is adding UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. A previous report stated that using this glass would have lowered the price of the foldable flagship, but as mentioned in the latest report, that isn’t the case. Hopefully, we see a different outcome during the company’s online Unpacked event, which will take place on August 5.

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News Source: ETNews

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