Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals being Offered by Carriers and Retailers

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the hottest Android flagship this season which has just hit the stores. Improved camera, one of the best battery time, better UI, water and dust resistance are only some of the highlights of this Samsung beauty. If you plan to get this latest flagship smartphone, upgrade your current smartphone, or trade-in, these Samsung Galaxy S5 deals will help you in spotting the places best suited with your requirements.Galaxy S5 deals samsung galaxy s5 hidden features

Avail discounts or some free accessories and enjoy your journey with this latest Android smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy S5 deals:

- Walmart:

Walmart is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 deal for $168.88 with a 2-year agreement. This deal is only available with Verizon and AT&T networks.

- Target:

Another giant retailer, Target is offering a trade-in program for Samsung Galaxy S5. Trade your iPhone or older Galaxy device included in Target's list and get a Galaxy S5 for just $99.

- Best Buy Galaxy S5 deals: 

Earlier, Best Buy was offering $10 gift cards if you pre-order. However, that is not being offered now. Best Buy is still offering some good Galaxy S5 deals for consumers who purchase the smartphone with a contract of AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. If you get the smartphone from Best Buy, you can avail 20% off on select accessories including Bose headphones, speaker docks, etc.

- Ebay:

Ebay is offering a 16% discount on Samsung Galaxy S5 offering the smartphone carrier-free for $629 which is a little less than what the carriers are asking ($649). Galaxy S5 deals ebay

- Sam’s Club:

If you are Sam's Club member, you can avail their Galaxy S5 deals which is even better than that of Walmart. Sam's Club is offering an in-stores deal of Galaxy S5 for just $164. Sam's Club is also offering a trade-in program. Head on to the nearest store to get more details.

- Costco:

Costco is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 with only a $10 discount. However, you do get the accessories pack with a charger ,screen cover, and other small accessories worth $50 or so. The Galaxy S5 smartphone from Costco will cost you $189 with a two-year contract.

Galaxy S5 deals from carriers:

Like always, Samsung Galaxy S5 too is available on all the major US carriers with the usual $199 on a two year contract. You can get this offer from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or US Cellular. Verizon, however, is offering some amazing deal of Buy One Get One free.


Sign a two year contract with Verizon and you can avail a buy one get one free deal for Samsung Galaxy S5. One free Samsung Galaxy S5! Just get a colleague, sibling or a friend and avail this awesomtastic deal!

- Sprint: Free Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch

Sprint is offering a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch for every customer buying a Galaxy S5 on a family plan.

- US Cellular:

US Cellular is offering a $50 Google Play Gift Card when you get a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a two-years contract. The offer is not mentioned on US Cellular website, so please confirm if it's available online or only on specific stores.

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