Samsung’s Latest Flagship Now Available for Just $99 – Verizon and Sprint Only

Rafia Shaikh

We shared with you some Samsung Galaxy S5 deals available a few weeks back. Seems like, we are going to put some icing on that list with one great Galaxy S5 deal for just $99! Although the deal is only available for Verizon and Sprint; you still can't say no to such a great flagship deal - that is if you are looking to buy a new smartphone this year.Galaxy S5 deal

Samsung Galaxy S5 deal:

The most popular Android flagship of the year is now seeing a price cut off to only $99. Amazon is the retailer offering this big discount for Sprint and Verizon variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Of course, the deal comes with the usual two year contract, but this Amazon Galaxy S5 deal comes affordable if you compare it to Walmart's $168. Walmart is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 deal for Verizon and AT&T carriers, in case you need to go for AT&T.Galaxy S5 deal

You will also find Amazon's Galaxy S5 deal pretty delicious as Verizon and Sprint are offering the Samsung flagship for $199 with a two year contract. Amazon is offering this Galaxy S5 deal for the 16 GB base model in both the white and black color choices. If you are looking to buy a new smartphone this year, this seems to be the right time to grab the flagship and save $100!

Earlier, Amazon made this $99 Galaxy S5 deal available for a few days, but only for Verizon. Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 comes with a beautifully crisp 5.2 inch Super AMOLED display, quad core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801, 16 MP rear shooter with Phase Detection Autofocus, fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, dust & water resistance, and the usual storage options with microSD support.

Warning: You might want to wait on that purchase if you are looking for a premium flagship as Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is expected to arrive in June. No guarantees, though!

Links to order Samsung Galaxy S5 deal from Amazon:

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