Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultimate Water Resistance Test – Can It Beat the Pool and Washing Machine?


Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance test:

The global official release of Samsung Galaxy S5 is right upon us with its availability in markets worldwide in just a couple days. If you have fallen for the charms of a plenty of features, new introductions, software improvements, and hardware upgrades of Samsung Galaxy S5, you may also be interested in having a Galaxy S5 water resistance test. Galaxy S5 Water Resistance

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This new video of Galaxy S5 water resistance test has just been uploaded. Samsung Galaxy S5 has an IP67 (Ingress Protection) rating which Samsung claims can protect your Galaxy S5 in water for 30 minutes. But seems like your new Samsung Galaxy S5 is even more sturdy than being showed off.

This Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance test has been conducted by Tech Smartt who have uploaded the video on YouTube (link shared at the end of the post). Tech Smartt's Galaxy S5 water resistance test proves that SGS5 can resist water even after an hour of being submerged.

Samsung has certified Galaxy S5 to resist water when submerged at depths of up to one meter for no longer than 30 minutes. However, this video proves that Galaxy S5 works even after an hour at the bottom of the pool. This Galaxy S5 water resistance test video also shows that the latest flagship by the Korean tech company survives an hour of tumbling in the washing machine!

Samsung has shared the IP ratings of Galaxy S5 as 67 with a baseline resistance of 30 minutes in a meter deep water. It surely can survive longer, deeper water; but anything above the mentioned digits by Samsung will be a risk that you will have to be willing to take.

Galaxy S5 water resistance test video:

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