Samsung Galaxy S4 Getting 440ppi – Better Display & More Wait


The years of drooling over “Retina” display of iPhone series and then iPad already look too old. Many of us marveled at the sheer beauty of those displays but things change faster in the tech world than anywhere else.

Samsung has been trying its best to upset the Apple fandom with its Android adventures. Galaxy S and Note series are already the favorites of techies. How is it then that the Korean giant hasn’t yet come up with something to compete with Retina of Apple? Finally, it’s here! According to reports of DigiTimes the Samsung Display is currently working on a new sub-pixel arrangement for its AMOLED panels. As the speculations hint the new display would be proudly featured on the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Of course the display would be no shorter than 1080p and Samsung is rumored to be using a hexagonal and diamond-shaped layouts – as opposed to the more conventional side-by-side layout - to maintain a pixel density of 440ppi or higher.

Android is presently world’s top mobile smartphone operating System with Samsung being the biggest mobile OEM. The company is currently in chase of Apple in terms of sheer ppi with companies’ flagship phones – the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 – sporting 306ppi and 326ppi, respectively. Though, Samsung’s feat is more impressive with its larger display as compared to iPhone 5’s 4 inch.

For the devices from other OEMs, HTC Droid DNA and several other smartphones too have sported 5 inch, 1080p display with 440+ ppi pixel densities. There was this fear that Samsung might not be able to bring that sort of sharpness beauty to AMOLED panels for the upcoming Galaxy S4, but if these rumors are to be trusted of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 getting 440ppi, then this doesn’t look like any issue now.

Still, we are definitely upset with no official announcements of this next big phone of the year! Samsung is surely coming at Mobile World Congress next month, but the recent announcements suggest that the 8 inch Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 would be the star of the show with quad-core processor and S-pen. But who knows what other surprises have Samsung parked in Barcelona.