Resident Evil Village Guide – How To Get The Mask Of Pleasure


In Resident Evil Village, you are looking for your daughter. Or at least Ethan Winters is. No one will blame you for forgetting a moment about her, given all the hand torture, vampires, and puzzles you’re meant to do on your way. But after checking exactly one cradle in Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan Winters is confident that Rose is elsewhere and your new objective is instead to escape. The only problem is you’ll need the four angel masks hidden around the castle to open the door.

Most of the masks are easy enough to find, thanks in part to the huge statue that holds them, but one is more difficult. The Mask of Pleasure is rigged so that removing it from the statue will seal you in the room, with seemingly the only way to escape being to reinstall the mask. This guide will break down exactly what you need to do to retrieve the Mask of Pleasure from Castle Dimitrescu and make your escape.

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Where to Find the Mask of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village

The Mask of Pleasure is somewhat unsurprisingly housed in the Hall of Pleasure, a room you won’t gain access to until you’ve retrieved the Dimitrescu Key from Lady Dimitrescu’s chamber. Thanks to the general layout of the castle, it’ll probably be the last mask you go for, but it's only a few doors from the Main Hall.

Head upstairs from the main hall and through the Maroon Eye Door. From there, you’ll recognize the door locked by the Dimitrescu key that you bypassed earlier in your adventure. Open it up, step inside, and you’ll see the Mask of Pleasure immediately before you. But the second you grab the mask, the door will seal, and you’ll be trapped in the room.

How To Escape the Hall of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village

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Once you’ve grabbed the mask, duck down and head through the fireplace, leading to a secret staircase that takes you up to the armory. On the way, you might want to craft some ammo if you happen to be low on that count.

Once you arrive in the cramped armory, you’ll be greeted by one of the Dimitrescu daughters. Like the others, she cannot be harmed unless you can rapidly cool the room. The first thing you’ll want to do is drag the shelves out the way of one of the walls. Once you’ve done that, a small gap will be exposed, letting in cold air, but not enough of it. You'll need to crack the wall.

Luckily the armory is filled with pipebombs, so grab a handful and hurl them at the gap. If the explosion is near enough, the wall will break and cool down the room. From there, you’ll want to use everything at your disposal to turn the daughter into a crystal, like a shotgun or any of those spare pipe bombs.

After you’ve secured the armory, you’ll still have to escape the Hall of Pleasure since there is no other route out. On the far wall of the armory is a mounted animal skull. Take it off the wall and return to the Hall of Pleasure. Find the Animal Skull in your inventory under Key Items, and examine it. On the back, you can unscrew the bone from the mounting, and when you do, you’ll see the bone has the exact same slots as the Mask of Pleasure.

Interact with the statue that housed the mask and replace the Skull instead, releasing the door and allowing you to escape.