Resident Evil Village Guide – How To Solve The Wine Room Puzzle

Rosh Kelly
Wine Room Puzzle

After escaping the brutal restraint methods of Resident Evil Village’s infamous Lady Dimirescu and her daughters, you might be left stumbling around their castle, trying every door only to find most of them locked.

As you explore, you’ll probably come across the Wine Room upstairs from the Main Hall, which has a big display with a big obviously missing bottle at the end of it. While you won’t immediately be able to solve it after your initial escape of the daughters, this guide will explain exactly when and how you can complete this puzzle. Be wary for spoilers and vampires ahead.

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You will gain access to the Wine Room before you’re able to complete the puzzle. After escaping the Bed Chamber and collecting the Maroon Eye Ring, you will be able to visit the Wine Room finding the empty display and the book hinting at the missing bottle.

But to find the missing bottle, you’ll have to have completed the Maroon Eye Door Puzzle first (and luckily, we have a guide for that).

Once you’ve gone through the Maroon Eye Door, you’ll be chased by one of the sisters and forced to descend, somewhat rapidly, into the basement. Once below, you’ll have to battle your way through cells and experiments of the Dimirescu family, which appear as a hybrid vampire zombie that shambles towards you. They’ll take plenty of bullets, so make sure you’re collecting any ammo and gunpowder you can come across. You’ll want to save your shotgun shells, though.

Because once you’re past the dark cells and through a tiny courtyard bathed in the pale light, you will once again encounter a daughter of Lady Dimirescu. Because she’s made of mosquitoes or other annoying insects, she can pass through the bars between you, so getting running to the right and work your way through the room and up the stairs without being caught. Once you get to the door, she will catch up to you, and a mini-boss battle will ensue.

Now is the time to use the shotgun.

After you’ve fought your way to the kitchen, you’ll find this bottle inauspiciously floating in a large pot of blood. It can be quite easily missed given the alarming lack of cleaners and maids in this castle, and all the blood, so make sure you pick it up on your way back to the Main Hall, which can be accessed by continuing forward.

Once back, head up the stairs once more and replace the bottle in the display to reveal a secret door because it's Resident Evil, and everything in Resident Evil is a secret door (some say this guide is actually a secret door).

This will open up a new portion of the castle to explore at your own leisure.

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