Raspberry Pi 400 Compact Keyboard Has Been Announced Featuring a Price Tag of $70

Evan Federowicz
Raspberry Pi 400
Source: Raspberry Pi

Many have been building home offices during the quarantine and lockdowns; these new home offices don't usually need a large processing power amount. This has led to the creating of the Raspberry Pi 400 Compact Keyboard; this keyboard is substantially different from standard keyboards on the market.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a Computer completely encased by a keyboard, making it perfect for a new home office or a media center application

The Raspberry Pi 400 Compact Keyboard features the Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB single-board computer; this single-board computer features a quad-core 64-bit processor and even a dual-display output. This compact keyboard is an easy-to-build and an easy to use computer thanks to the 4K video playback, which can easily be achieved thanks to the processor that the Raspberry Pi 4 utilizes.

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Source: Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi processor features a  base clock speed of 1.8 GHz but, thanks to the large integrated heatsink can be overclocked to a significantly higher clock speed. This Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB features a unique and custom design specifically so that it can fit within the keyboard while offering all the ports from a single side of the keyboard.

Source: Raspberry Pi

The custom Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB has the ports normally found on the Raspberry Pi 4, but thanks to the longer orientation, it can have all the ports on a single side, creating an overall smaller footprint for the device. These various ports include an RJ45 ethernet port, three total USB ports with two being USB 3.0, and two Micro-HDMI ports, and the large GPIO pins are completely accessible.

These ports allow two displays to be easily connected while still featuring support for a USB mouse and having two more USB ports.

Source: Raspberry Pi

Fantastically this keyboard has the GPIO pins accessible, allowing users to explore any additions beyond the initial hardware included in the Raspberry Pi 400. This ability to connect larger hard drives makes expanding the useability of this incredibly compact computer.

This keyboard kit comes with a mouse, power supply, micro HDMI to HDMI cable, and even an SD card, preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS for $100 while getting just the Raspberry Pi 400, without all the additions, will cost $70. This lowered price tag means that creating a home office has never been easier and cheaper.

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