Sharkoon Announces The TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC Case

Evan Federowicz

Sharkoon has announced the TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC Case, which features a tempered glass front and side panel allowing the RGB lights to easily be shown while keeping the PC's noise at an all-time low. The TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC Case is currently available on Sharkoon's website with a price of €89.90 or roughly $106.66.

The TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC Case features new RGB fans and Noise insulation to ensure a quiet system

The TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC case's design is similar to the TG5 Pro RGB PC case but has been redesigned to use different RGB fans and have noise insulation. This PC case features the same compatibility for larger components as the TG5 Pro RGB PC case. That means that the TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC case can support a maximum GPU length of 400 mm, a maximum CPU cooler height of 167 mm, and a maximum power supply length of 205 mm. This case can also support a Mini-ITX, mATX, and an ATX motherboard, allowing nearly any system to fit inside this PC case.

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The TG5 RGB Silent PCGH PC case has four 120 mm fans, with three mounted in the front panel with a single fan mounted to the rear of the PC case. These fans have an RGB ring instead of having the RGB lights shown throughout the fan blades. This difference does allow the PC a more subdued appearance. These fans produce good airflow and rotate at a slower speed of 800 RPM, which still can get fresh air into this case to cool any components.

This case was created through a collaboration with the computer magazine PCGH.

This PC case further creates this more subdued appearance by having noise insulation foam. This insulation reduces the noise in a home office or a gaming room significantly.

This PC case uses a tempered glass side panel allowing PC builders to see the internal components easily. To ensure that the PC case looks clean, there are no screws on the side panel, and the panel rests on the side frame and uses two screws in the back of the PC case. This keeps the PC looking clean and professional if need be.

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