Montech Announces the SKY Series High-End PC Case


Montech has announced its newest PC case series, called the SKY series. The first PC case in this series is called the Sky One, which offers Dual 360 mm radiator support and Montech's Unique Mesh Front Panel. Montech has announced that both the Sky One Black and Sky One White will be available on November 15th, with international availability expected soon after November 15th.

Montech Announces the Sky One PC case offering both an artistic design and fantastic airflow design

The Sky One PC case has been designed with combining both Art and Airflow; this is shown in the tempered glass side panel, RGB lighting strip in the center of the front panel, and in the fact that the front panel is made from mesh to allow for better overall airflow for the internal components.

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This PC case allows for systems that use larger GPUs. It comes with a unique GPU cardholder, which offers support for the larger and heavier graphics card and offers fantastic cable management for a much cleaner cable routing back panel. The unique GPU cardholder is also compatible if the PC builder chooses to mount the GPU in a vertical orientation if it is under 6 cm in width.

The Sky One features Montech's unique "Air Performance Fine Mesh" design for the front panel. This fine mesh is designed to offer a significant airflow while still preventing dust from entering the PC system.

The RGB lighting is shown in both the RGB lighting strip located on the front panel, and the PWM Case fan can have the Montech's ARGB logo lights synchronized when connecting with the ARGB hub to form a cohesive ARGB lighting experience. These two PWM fans are completely installed into the Sky One case, auto-adjusted based on system temperature.

This PC case is a multi-function fan controller. This fan controller is completely controlled through either a motherboard's ARGB (5V) compatible mainboards or controlled through the front LED button.

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The Sky One PC case offers support for two radiators, a 360 mm radiator at the front panel, and a 240 mm mounted to the top of the case. This massive radiator support allows for custom cooling loops to be implemented inside this PC case easily.

The Sky One PC case comes in two different colors, the Sky One Black will carry a price tag of $89.99, and the Sky One White PC case will have a price tag of $93.99. Both of these cases are expected to be available on November 15th.