PUBG Xbox One Miramar Map Arrives Next Month; Proximity Chat Not Ruled Out on Xbox

Aernout van de Velde
PUBG Xbox One Update PTS

The PUBG Xbox One Miramar map will arrive on Microsoft’s console next month, Microsoft’s executive producer Nico Bihary has confirmed.

While the map has been available for PC players since mid-December, Xbox One players are still left with a single playable map. Both Microsoft and Bluehole already confirmed that the desert map would also be made available for Xbox, but a release frame wasn’t provided – until now.

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Taking to Twitter, executive producer Bihary confirmed that the map is slated for a release next month. Last week, Bihary already shared that the map is coming along “great”.

In other PUBG Xbox related news – the executive producer also shared that Proximity Chat hasn’t been totally ruled out for Xbox players, although it’s low on the team’s priority list. “We hear the feedback, and for clarity, we are still open to the idea of supporting it on XB1”, he wrote. “Lots of UI work to be done if we do bring it to console, therefore its low on the priority list, but definitely not a "never".”

PUBG is available now for Xbox One and PC. The next Xbox One update, patch #12, is planned to be released next week.

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