PUBG Gets a Confusing Name Change, Free Week, and K-Pop Blackpink Crossover


Still haven’t tried the battle royale that started it all? Well, soon you can, as PUBG will be free to play next week. Or I suppose I should say PUBG: Battlegrounds will be free next week. Yes, it seems Krafton has rebranded their battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds, as that’s now the name on the game’s Steam page, social media accounts, ect. And no, it doesn’t make a ton of sense – PUBG already stood for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so is the game’s full name now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Battlegrounds? Just roll with it I guess.

Anyways, the free PUBG: Battlegrounds weekend will run from August 10 to 16. As previously hinted by insider PlayerIGN, this may become more of a permanent thing. Krafton has been wanting to take PUBG fully F2P for a while now, and if the response to this free week is good, well, that might just happen.

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The free weekend coincides with a new crossover with the popular K-pop girl group Blackpink. The event runs from August 8 to September 7 on PC and August 12 to September 15 on console. Here’s a basic rundown of what’s included in the event.

  • Blackpink decals on buildings
  • Blackpink airplane tail
  • Supply crate and smoke - During the event, the color of the smoke will change to the Blackpink concept (except in color-blind mode), and Blackpink Supply Crates will drop throughout the map. You can also find the Blackpink LV.3 helmet from the Supply Crates!
  • PUBG x Blackpink Items - A total of 38 items, including stage costumes that Blackpink wears, are coming to the Battlegrounds! Blackpink Face items not included. Each member’s bundle includes Hair, Clothing, Weapons, Emotes, and Nameplate items. BLACKPINK Face items not included.

Available bundles:

  • JISOO’s Blackpink Bundle
  • JENNIE’s Blackpink Bundle
  • ROSÉ’s Blackpink Bundle
  • LISA’s Blackpink Bundle

Blackpink Mega Bundle:

  • JISOO’s Blackpink Bundle
  • JENNIE’s Blackpink Bundle
  • ROSÉ’s Blackpink Bundle
  • LISA’s Blackpink Bundle
  • Blackpink Spray
  • Parachute

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia, and playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The game is also available on mobile platforms, but that version is on a different content and update schedule.

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