New Pokemon GO Features Incoming – Trading, VR Support, New Incense & More!


Pokemon GO is about to get a whole lot better by adding features many users out there have been crying out for.

Upcoming Pokemon GO Updates Will Throw In Features Many Of Us Have Been Only Dreaming About

Pokemon GO is seeing a nosedive in terms of daily active users, according to recently published analytics data. This is something which can easily be turned around if Niantic throws in a handful of new features into the mix in the form of updates. And guess what? It now seems that is exactly what is going to happen in the days or weeks to come.

The keen-eyed folks over at Reddit (via BusinessInsider) dived deep into the code of Pokemon GO and found a bunch of code that reveals what could come in future game updates. Rather than going into the geeky bits themselves, we're going to touch upon the features that are sure to arrive in the future.

  • VR support is coming to Pokemon GO, allowing gamers to indulge in the experience using Google Cardboard.
  • Trading is on its way, and is something which Niantic promised as well. This would allow users to, well, trade their Pokemon and allow others to browse through your creatures.
  • Users will be able to assign 'Buddy' Pokemon to themselves, after which the Pokemon will follow you as you move around on the map. The Pokemon will obviously evolve as you gather goodies on the map.
  • Incense is about to expand its horizon, allowing users to summon Incense that is tailored to attract a specific type of Pokemon.
  • More 'Legendary' Pokemon are on their way and users will be able to catch them. Details regarding this are rather scarce, but nonetheless, exciting.

If you thought Pokemon GO has lost its charm then you definitely might want to reconsider a lot of things!

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