This App For Finding Pokemon On A Map Still Works! – Download It Now

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Despite Niantic's efforts to take down apps that help users find Pokemon on a map, this Android app bypasses all the restrictions put in place and works like a champ!

Smart Poke V2 Still Works Despite Niantic's Restrictions - Lets You Find Pokemon On A Map

Over the weekend Niantic pushed out a major update to Pokemon GO. With it came a handful of changes while ditching the footsteps feature in Nearby. But that's not the only thing that made a dramatic exit from the game - Niantic in the background started thwarting apps and services that let users find Pokemon on a map. If that wasn't bad enough already, Niantic made things worse by blocking IP addresses of online services so that they can't access their servers to initiate a request to find Pokemon nearby.

Luckily and quite strangely though, one app managed to come out unscathed. Called 'Smart Poke V2,' the app is absolutely free and available to download directly from Google Play for Android devices. But one thing that might put some users off is the fact that it's still in beta. Therefore do not expect top notch functionality during usage, but it will get the key job done: finding Pokemon on a map.

Here's the official description from Google Play itself:

show a real time map on your phone or your watch to catch poke characters


See that bit about 'your watch' in the description? It's exactly what you think it is. The app works on an Android Wear smartwatch as well, showing you nearby Pokemon without you having to take out your smartphone. We think this feature alone is pretty slick.

Keep one thing in mind before downloading: this app can go down any moment, so make your move fast!

Where To Download Smart Poke V2 From

As we mentioned above, the app is available for both Android and Android Wear and can be grabbed directly from Google Play. It does not have a price tag attached to it and you can download the app from the link which we have embedded below:

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