The Official Pokemon GO Plus Accessory Pings You When A Pokemon Is Nearby

Pokemon GO Plus

The Pokemon GO game is only one side of the story. Meet the Pokemon GO Plus wearable accessory that will take your game to the next level.

The Pokemon GO Plus Accessory Is All You Need To Step Up Your Game

Pokemon GO for iOS and Android is just one side of the story. In order to take things up a notch, Nintendo announced that it will be selling the official Pokemon GO Plus accessory for players. What the accessory, or rather, the wearable, does is, pair with your smartphone and ping you when a Pokemon is nearby using an LED indicator light and vibration.

But that's not all. Once it vibrates on your wrist, or anywhere you've attached the accessory, you simply press a button on Pokemon GO Plus and it will toss a PokeBall at the Pokemon, catching it ultimately. This all happens without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. But wait, there's more - you even get a ping on the Plus whenever you're near a PokeStop. Absolutely marvelous if you're asking us.

But when will the accessory be available? Good question. Nintendo says that it will go on sale later in July, which happens to be this month. And how much will it cost? It will set you back $34.99.

It's an insane little accessory if you're asking us and worth the investment if you consider yourself a serial Pokemon GO player. No bigger than a large smartwatch, it's a perfect companion that needs to be on your wrist or pocket. But why tuck it away right? How will people know you mean business? That's why we recommend keeping it on your wrist. The way it should be from the get-go.

Wrap Up

Given the scale of Pokemon GO and how rapidly it's gaining popularity, it is no surprise we will see more of it in the days and weeks to come. Thanks to the ever-growing Pokemon GO-playing community as well, things are getting better and better at a rapid pace.

We will keep our readers posted on more Pokemon GO related news and releases. Till then, go and catch all the Pokemon possible.

We know you want to.

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