Fix ‘GPS Signal Not Found’ Error In Pokemon GO – Guide

Pokemon GO

Here's how you can fix the dreaded 'GPS Signal Not Found' error in Pokemon GO on both iPhone and Android.

Fix 'GPS Signal Not Found' Error In Pokemon GO And Get Back Into The Game

There are two key components of Pokemon GO that make the magic happen - a data connection and location services on your device. The latter, however, means that Pokemon GO requires a clear GPS signal in order to function properly. When there's no GPS signal, the game will instantly toss a 'GPS Signal Not Found' error message at you, rendering your gameplay essentially useless. And there are ways to overcome this problem as well, starting with the most basic solution going up to the advanced one.

Make Sure Location Services Are Turned On

If Location Services are turned off on your device then Pokemon GO won't ever get a GPS signal lock on matter what you try.


On your iOS device navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and move the top-most 'Location Services' toggle switch to the ON position. Also make sure Pokemon GO has been granted necessary location access permission on this very same page. The option should be set to 'Always.'


If you have an Android device then go to Settings > Location and turn on the 'Location' toggle switch to the ON position. Also make sure the 'Location mode' is set to 'High accuracy.'

Turn On WiFi To Get An Instant Location Fix

Before your device latches onto a GPS satellite signal, you can speed things up by turning on WiFi as well to get a quicker location lock.


Bring up Control Center and tap on the 'WiFi' button to turn on your device's wireless radio. Or navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi.


Bring down the notifications shade on your device and tap on the 'WiFi' toggle and then move the switch to the ON position. Or you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi to achieve the same.

Once you're done you'll notice Pokemon GO will get a much more quicker GPS lock on your position and hopefully rid you of the 'GPS Signal Not Found' error message.

Still No GPS Signal?

If, at this point, you're still not getting a GPS signal then you might want to consider moving to open grounds (read: step outside). There is a possibility that the device you're using has a shoddy GPS receiver. If the problem still persists with you being sure everything is perfect from your end, then there are two things you should do: force close the app from the app drawer and launch it again, or, wait for an update from Niantic. Bugs in software can also be blamed for a bad experience.

Download Pokemon GO For iOS And Android

If you haven't downloaded Pokemon GO for your iOS or Android device, then you can do so absolutely free. Here are the download links.

Wrap Up

In order to keep things as perfect as possible we would suggest players to catch their Pokemon outdoors. Since that's the only place the game will function most properly. But of course, take safety precautions before heading out. You don't want to be that guy who puts everyone else into trouble, right? You don't.

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