FastPokeMap Pokemon Tracker Works Like A Charm – Try It Today

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

FastPokeMap is a Pokemon tracking service that works with Pokemon GO like a boss. Try it today and find Pokemon nearby.

FastPokeMap Is A Great Pokemon Tracking Service, But Probably Won't Stay Up Long

Niantic put down its hammer with full force a little over a week back, shutting down all Pokemon tracking services altogether. While the company did give a valid excuse as to why it did so, but the damage was already done and many users were left disgruntled. But luckily for some, the measures put in place by Niantic are slowly being circumvented and services are starting to surface for tracking Pokemon. One such services is called FastPokeMap and it works like a charm for finding Pokemon on a map.

The service works on the Web and is absolutely free. Simply go to, grant it access to your location in the browser and it'll show you right away which Pokemon are near you. Keep one thing in mind though - since Niantic is doing all it can to thwart such services, therefore expect a few hiccups during usage. Apart from that everything works like a boss.

The map allows you to search for a particular location as well and will list down all Pokemon that are available there. Furthermore, you have a nifty 'Launch Scan' button that will initiate a new scan on a map for Pokemon. Lastly, the map will show you how long a particular Pokemon will last in a particular location. Critical information to know about beforehand if you're asking us.

Wrap Up

We have a hunch that this service won't last that long as Niantic is taking measures of its own. But still, those of you who make use of tracking services a lot, we highly recommend giving this one a shot. We're dead on certain you'll find it monumentally useful in a lot of ways.

If you haven't downloaded Pokemon GO, then you can do so absolutely free from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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