Pixel 5a Launching Later This Month for $450, Same Pixel 5a SoC & Other Incredible Specs in Tow


In case you forgot about the Pixel 5a because you were preoccupied with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, a new specifications, pricing, and launch date leak has come forth. The upcoming mid-ranger is expected to arrive later this month, and though the details mention a bigger price tag than the Pixel 4a, you will likely see why there is an increase.

Specs Leak for the Pixel 5a Include Massive Display, Battery, and High Refresh Rate

According to FrontPageTech, the Pixel 5a will launch on August 26, with a $450 price tag, making it $100 more expensive than last year’s Pixel 4a. Is that big of a difference justifiable on a smartphone like this? That looks to be the case because, for starters, the Pixel 5a will feature the same Snapdragon 765G as the Pixel 5 from last year, and if you forgot, the latter retailed for $699.

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It should also arrive in just one color, which is Mostly Black, and Google might have limited the available finishes to just one thanks to the ongoing chip shortage. In fact, it is possible the technology giant would have unveiled the Pixel 5a much earlier had it not been for this setback. Continuing with the specs leak, the upcoming handset will reportedly tout a large 6.4-inch screen with a refresh rate that goes up to 90Hz, providing a smooth UI experience to the user.

The Snapdragon 765G will be complemented by 6GB RAM, but there is no word on the internal storage at this time. The battery size will likely see a massive increase to 4650mAh, so it should offset the guzzling properties of the 90Hz option when it is enabled. The Pixel 5a is also said to be IP67 dust and water-resistant, along with sporting a 3.5mm audio jack. Unfortunately, it will lack wireless charging, which would have been the icing on the cake, but it would probably mean crossing the $450 price range.

While the Pixel 5a is soundly more expensive than its predecessor, as you can see, the upgrades make it worthwhile, in our opinion. Assuming the mid-ranger launches this month, it will be officially available online or physically in Google Stores but limited to the U.S. and Japan, again, due to the chip shortage.

News Source: FrontPageTech