Outriders Developer People Can Fly Acquires Phosphor Games

People Can Fly Chicago

Outriders developer People Can Fly has announced the acquisition of Phosphor Games, a Chicago-based developer known for games like Gemini: Heroes Reborn, Nether, the VR shooter game The Brookhaven Experiment, and more recently Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron, which launched in February.

CEO Justin Corcoran said in a statement:

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A new chapter opens for our team. We are very excited to be joining People Can Fly to open a brand new Triple-A studio – People Can Fly Chicago. Our goal is to strengthen PCF’s presence in the US and help build People Can Fly as a global brand.

Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly, added:

Taking over the Phosphor Games’ team is simply an execution of our strategy, announced during PCF Group’s recent IPO. With the variety of on-going projects, we need well-seasoned, ambitious professionals to bring our plans to fruition. Considering Phosphor’s team experience and quality I’m sure they will be a great addition to the PCF family and will facilitate our growth. Welcome on board!

With this acquisition, People Can Fly now counts over 320 employees spread across its many studios: Warsaw, Rzeszów, Łódź, New York, Newcastle, Montreal, and now Chicago. The developer is working on two upcoming projects; one will be published by Square Enix and another by Take-Two Interactive.

In the meantime, the studio is also very much focused on improving Outriders, of course. In that regard, People Can Fly shared an update a few hours ago on Reddit.

  • Inventory Wipe & Character Restoration

    • Our work & testing on the restoration process will continue throughout the weekend. We hope to provide a clear schedule as soon as possible.

  • Patching

    • A larger patch that we are aiming to release in the near future is currently undergoing testing.

    • We will share thorough patch notes upon its release but wanted to share some very top level highlights here:

      • Will fix a number of crashes throughout the game.

      • Will fix a number of issues, bugs and crashes associated with multiplayer.

      • Will resolve an issue that could cause players to get stuck on the “Sign In” screen.

      • Will include lots of resolutions for gear, mod, skill, quest, level & lighting bugs.

    • This patch will also address a number of community issues including (but not limited to):

      • Difficulty dealing with Snipers.

      • Difficulty dealing with excessive knockback from creatures in the Stargrave expedition.

      • The 300MB crash dumps left behind on PC.

      • Many more things.

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