Take-Two Drops People Can Fly’s Project Dagger After 2 Years of Development

Ule Lopez
People Can Fly Take-Two

Remember Project Dagger? It was one of many projects that People Can Fly announced to be in development. This action-adventure IP project has been in the works for two years in partnership with GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive. Unfortunately, it seems like Take-Two has decided to put this partnership to an end, according to the latest PCF financial report.

People Can Fly released a report on September 23, 2022, detailing Take-Two's intent to terminate the development and publishing agreement between the two parties. This means that Take-Two will no longer be involved with the development of Project Dagger. Fortunately for PCF, the company has also decided not to take control of the project through a buyout.

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In other words, People Can Fly is pretty much free to pursue further game development after the termination is done. People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski believes that the two companies will part on good terms, stating that he doesn't see reasons why they wouldn't be able to work with Take-Two on other projects in the near future.

While that's great and all, People Can Fly will still have to repay Take-Two for development advances received since 2020. The specifics for how much will be paid regarding this will be determined based on the commercial model chosen for the game. As such, People Can Fly can just seek more help regarding the development of Project Dagger or publish it themselves.

For now, Sebastian states that PCF believes in Project Dagger's potential and is now committed to continuing its development through its self-publishing pipeline. While the game is still in pre-production, the team is currently focused on closing combat and game loops while migrating from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5.

Project Dager is one of seven projects currently being developed over at People Can Fly. One of the projects (known as Project Gemini) is currently funded by Square Enix, while the other projects are self-funded. What could be the future for Project Dagger? Only time will tell.

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