Latest WhatsApp Features from the Beta Release

Latest WhatsApp features:

World's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has released a new beta version introducing a few small new features. Installed on almost every operating system and smartphone globally, WhatsApp is aiming to power the world of communications.latest WhatsApp features

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Just released, this new version include some latest WhatsApp features. The latest WhatsApp features in the beta release of 2.11.209 include some minor changes like a tiny camera icon that appears in your conversations. This icon appears when you start a new conversation and is placed right near the microphone icon. This new camera icon lets you access in-app camera right from your chat screen.

When you tap on the camera icon, the camera viewfinder screen comes up. You get a few settings like to turn off the flash and change the viewfinder screen from the front camera to the back one. While this features gives you easier access to camera, it does not save the images taken from app in your smartphone's memory.

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WhatsApp is awaited to launch its VoIP feature this year with expected free calls. The latest features are just some minor changes introduced in a beta release, the major WhatsApp update is expected to launch in this quarter according to earlier reports.

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