WhatsApp – ePlus: First Ever Deal Between an App and a Network Operator?

The news of the year? Well, WhatsApp could be the first ever virtual network operator in the world!

A couple weeks ago, we had reported that WhatsApp has announced to go voice in a few months. After the acquisition by Facebook, some big plan was highly expected. Some first details have surfaced about the possible plan of WhatsApp's going towards voice offering. whatsapp eplus

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WhatsApp deal with German operators:

To get the context, here are the details of WhatsApp planning to offer voice services to its users:

Chief Executive of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, has announced at Mobile World Congress today that WhatsApp voiceservices will be offered in the second quarter of this year. Pretty quick, no? Chief Koum is eager to grow its userbase everywhere. Remember WhatsApp already lets you record and send audio clips within your conversations. It is not a very sophisticated and refined feature though. 

Voice services will come to Android and iOS first before launching on Nokia and Blackberry phones too. Details are yet unknown if these voice services will work like Voxer, Skype, or if we will be asked to pay for the voice services.

According to the latest reports, short messaging service is partnering with German cellular company E-Plus to offer WhatsApp prepaid cards in Germany as early as this April. This package will give 30 million customers of E-Plus in Germany special offers like nothing before!

This new prepaid card with WhatsApp will let you send text messages, images and video for free over the app even when you have zero credit! That essentially means that the data charges won't be counted while using WhatsApp on those prepaid cards and thus free texting!

According to details from MWC event, the messaging app is planning to launch voice services in later this year. Seems like WhatsApp is trying to partner with different network operators to plan things out for a bigger voice launch.

We will try to get some more details on what is cooking between WhatsApp and Germany! However, not much is available for now as both the companies are silent over this deal's specifics.

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