Apple A10 Is Going To Be Manufactured By A Single Company; Can You Guess Which One?


There is still some time for iPhone 7 to be unveiled, but Apple wants to make sure that its A10 SoC happens to be flawless when working in tandem with the company’s mobile platform. However, this time, there is only one company that is going to get the contract for mass production of the chipset; can you guess which one is going to rake in all the revenue?

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TSMC Beats Samsung To Receive All 100 Percent A10 Orders From Apple

We had already reported that A10 was going to be manufactured on the 10nm FinFET node, but with the skirmish going on between Samsung and TSMC, it was hard to tell which company was going to receive all 100 percent of orders from Apple. Turns out the lucky company is none other than TSMC, putting Samsung in a terrible position, despite receiving all those contracts from companies like Qualcomm.

TSMC should definitely be a stock that investors should look into since the potential deal will most likely be bringing in over $300 million in sales in 2016 and reach $1 billion during 2017. Analysts Steven Pelayo and Lionel Lin initially spoke out against TSMC, concerned that thanks to variables such as a slowing smartphone market, lofty customer concentrations, insourcing and competition, the semiconductor manufacturing firm might not be able to generate substantial revenue. However, now, the analysts have predicted that TSMC may generate between USD 2.2-2.5bn in A10 revenue.

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If they included the residual A9 series silicon, finger print sensors, and now integrated fan-out (InFO) chip packaging, then the estimated revenue generated by TSMC will increase to more than $4.6 billion USD in 2016 from approximately $3.7 billion USD this year. However, we are still not entirely sure that Apple is going to commit to tapping just TSMC for producing 100 percent of orders for the company’s A10 SoC. 2016 is yet to commence, so it seems pretty unlikely that the California based tech company is drastically going to come to a conclusion this soon.

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We believe that Samsung is still going to produce chips for A10, but in a much smaller capacity, since Apple obviously needs to fill the void just in case TSMC does not fulfill its end of the bargain. However, such a lucrative offer like this will obviously force TSMC to be on the top of its game. With A10, you can expect much better performance and energy efficiency from iPhone 7, which is rumored to come with a larger battery capacity and maximum internal storage. Additionally, it is also expected that the handset is going to be incorporated with a dual-lens camera, but we will keep you posted on the latest happenings concerning the next-gen iPhones.