iPhone 7 Plus To Offer Massive Amounts Of Internal Storage And A Much Larger Battery Than Its Predecessors – Rumor

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus will definitely exceed its predecessors in performance but the latest report from the rumor mill suggests that you might want to hold off on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus purchase if you have not acquired it already it.

iPhone 7 massive storage and larger battery

iPhone 7 Plus Rumored To Sport 256GB Of Internal Storage As Well As A 3,100mAh Cell

According to a Chinese source, iPhone 7 Plus is going to retain its screen size of 5.5 inches and perhaps its resolution as well, because let’s be honest; having anything above 1080p on a smaller screen is just overkill. While this might be a very good approach maintained by Apple, perhaps the biggest notable difference between iPhone 7 Plus and its predecessor will be its total internal storage and its 3,100mAh battery capacity. Currently, both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have a maximum internal storage of 128GB, which is extremely sufficient, but if you carry a ton of content around with you, then it looks like Apple will cater to your needs when it announces its high-end mobile lineup during September 2016.

So what about the previous storage models? Will they get their storage bumped up? It is hard to say at this moment, although Apple has probably realized that the 16GB of internal storage is far too low to accommodate both apps and software updates so it is highly possible that the tech giant omits this storage variant out of the production chain altogether. That being said, we might get to see the 64GB storage models as the base model. However, while we talk about iPhone 7 Plus, let us not forget its upcoming smaller brother, iPhone 7. Naturally, thanks to the size differences, the latter is going to be sporting a much smaller battery capacity, but what about the internal storage?

iPhone 6s again

Surely, Apple will cater to the needs of millions of 4.7 inch screen size handset users by giving them some fair treatment, at least in the storage department. For now, we are going to have to take this rumor with a grain of salt and update you more in the future when more leaks follow. Looking at the specifications of iPhone 7 Plus, we are even more excited that 2016 has come this quickly, so let us know what you thought about the latest rumor surrounding the 5.5 inch handset’s internal specifications. We are dying to know.


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