Exclusive iPhone 6s Plus Benchmarks Show Impressive Performance Despite Larger Resolution


Previously, we showed you guys exclusive benchmarks of iPhone 6s and now we were also able to witness the performance of its larger screen sized brother, iPhone 6s Plus. Let us see how this particular handset does in our benchmarking tests.

iPhone 6s Plus Scores A Phenomenal Result Even After Possessing A Much Higher Resolution Than iPhone 6s – See All The Results Right Here

In order to see how our iPhone 6s Plus stacked up against the rest of the competition coming from its arch nemesis Samsung, we ran two of the most popular benchmarking software designed to test the performance of mobile devices; AnTuTu and Geekbench.


In our previous test, we showed you that iPhone 6s completed destroyed the competition in the single-core test of Geekbench and keep in mind that the smartphone was able to accomplish this while running just a dual-core processor and 2GB LPDD4 RAM and was up against devices that sported octa-core processors and twice the amount of RAM. While it lost to the competition in the mult-core test, it was not by a long margin, which is still impressive.


Coming to iPhone 6s Plus, the handset is surprisingly able to beat its 4.7 inch brother in the single-core test, while just missing out in the multi-core one. This is surprising because iPhone 6s Plus sports a much higher resolution, which would obviously have to make some difference in the benchmarks but on this occasion, Geekbench had a completely different story to tell. Let us move onto AnTuTu and see what story this benchmark has to narrate to you guys.

GeekbenchiPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6s Galaxy Note 5Galaxy S6 Edge PlusGalaxy S6 Edge
Single-core test25102446146714321495
Multi-core test43364390478747325188


Another benchmarking application that is extremely popular on Android powered smartphones is AnTuTu. We decided to take our iPhones 6s Plus for a test run and given below are the scores that we received.

iPhone 6s Plus manages to beat iPhone 6s just marginally, but again loses out to its Android rivals, which was expected given the fact that they are running octa-core processors and 4GB of RAM. However, seeing as how both smartphones still managed to obtain a score that is within a hairline of reaching the 60,000 point mark, it tells you something about the software optimization of Apple’s flagship smartphone offerings.

AnTuTuiPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6s Galaxy Note 5Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Galaxy S6 Edge
59,14858,60269,702 68,345 64,474

If these scores were not sufficient enough to appease you, then what will definitely compel you to go ahead and purchase one is the fact that both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus survived a water test, where both devices were submerged in two separate bowls of water and came out unscathed, to the point that all of their ports were completely functional as well.

There you have it folks, we ran two of the most popular benchmarking applications to determine the performance of smartphones and ran it on our iPhone 6s Plus. Do you guys think that these scores are impressive or not? Whatever your answer maybe, let us know your thoughts.