Samsung Happily Offers Apple a “Headstart for iPhone 7”

Samsung has traditionally never let go off any chance it can get to hit Apple's products. It's probably due to the inherent feel that is found in Android users about Apple trying to copy everything from their zone while hating it at first. This year has been pretty troubling for Cupertino considering it offered both larger iPhone variants. Previously Apple was known for never approving of the larger size. This size issue was followed by the Bend Gate which also helped gear start the animosity from Android arena and many OEMs took the chance to take a jab at Apple. However, this particular example comes from a printed ad of Samsung marketing its Galaxy Note 4 and claiming to give iPhone 7 a "headstart". Yes, these OEMs make our days sometimes!android-vs-apple

iPhone 7 needing a headstart:

This image comes from a newspaper ad that ran for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The ad claims to offer Apple a blueprint for the iPhone 7. After the main ad, the bottom line runs, "Dear Apple. Here's a headstart for the iPhone 7." The image comes courtesy of Phone Arena and shows that Samsung's local ads too aren't barred of any wit and hit at Apple.
iphone 7 headstart

It is no wonder if Apple starts offering the Stylus Pen too considering the increased size (right now at 5.5-inches) might require a pen by some users. It all started with Apple offering the phablet size which has so far been the high side for Samsung as Apple offered no alternative. Now with Apple and Samsung both having the equal sizes, it would be easier for consumers to choose their favorites brands rather than switching because of the device size.

There is also a lot of discussion going on between the two fences about the software side where Apple has "historically" announced the integration of third party keyboards:ios 8 keyboard android

Do you think such ads from Samsung should be taken on a lighter note, or as the Apple fans comment, they are rather too high-school-sort? Well, we enjoy anything that makes our products lively!

Source: Phone Arena

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