Best iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards and How to Install Them on Your iPhone & iPad

Rafia Shaikh

Apple finally released iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for public. While the latest OS brings quite a lot of new features and improvements, the highlights definitely remain to be the continuity feature and the integration of third-party keyboards. This post will help you find best iOS 8 third-party keyboards and will also guide you on how to install iOS 8 third-party keyboards on your devices.install iOS 8 third-party keyboards

Best iOS 8 third-party keyboards:

When we talk about the best iOS 8 third-party keyboards, the three of the lot top the list. These three include SwiftKey, Swype, and Fleksy and have gained a huge user base through Android. Now the Apple users can also enjoy the perks of a custom keyboard so there is no reason why you shouldn't try these. Here is the best iOS 8 third-party keyboards list which is of course not final or static. Considering iOS 8 was launched just yesterday, we hope to see newer and better options coming to the list soon.

  • SwiftKey: This one tops the list from the three best third-party keyboards for one simple reason - it comes for free! Non-annoying auto-correction and a fast swipe-action typing are the highlights of this keyboard.
  • Swype: Coming only for $0.99, Swype iOS 8 keyboard will be another fan favorites thanks to its quick and an accurate level of typing.
  • Fleksy: Also available for $0.99, Fleksy iOS 8 keyboard is claimed to be one of the fastest keyboards. Featuring over 600 emoji, colorful themes, and an excellent auto-correction mechanism, Fleksy iOS 8 is another topper of the game.
  • Minuum: This one is a dollar more expensive as it comes for $1.99. However, Minuum takes the cherry for being the most accurate keyboard advertised as "little keyboard for big fingers!"
  • TouchPal: Another popular Android keyboard, this one is also for big fingers as the keys are quite properly spaced with a fast, swipe typing experience.

Now that we have looked at some of the best iOS 8 keyboards to start your journey of custom keyboards, here is how to install iOS 8 third-party keyboards on your iPhone and iPad.

How to install iOS 8 third-party keyboards:

Before you read on to find how to install iOS 8 third-party keyboards, download your favorite popular keyboard or try any from the above list.

  • Open the downloaded keyboard and install the app.
  • Once installed, open it for once.
  • Go to Settings General Keyboard.
  • Tap on Keyboards Add new Keyboard...
  • Here you will see a list of all the keyboards available including the iOS 8 third-party keyboards. You will also notice the name of the keyboard you have installed on your device.
  • Tap on the newly added keyboard and it will be added in the active keyboards list.
  • Open any app where you could try the new keyboard. Long press the globe icon to bring up the option where you could select the custom iOS 8 keyboard.install iOS 8 third-party keyboards
  • Once selected, you will see the custom keyboard active and can try typing through it.

Ta da! Enjoy the completely new typing (or say, swiping?) experience on your iOS 8 devices!

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