Apple Requires “Product Design Structural Analysis Engineer” to Ensure Your Next iPhone Doesn’t Bend!

Rafia Shaikh

Sometimes you just wish you could add smileys everywhere! Apple is definitely making it quite easier for competitors to keep the Bend Gate fun alive. In the latest, Apple has just posted a new job opening at Cupertino requiring a Product Design Structural Analysis Engineer to make sure that the next iPhone is structurally stable and bend-proof. Are you up for the job and some testing? Well, read on to find more details and what is Apple looking for to fill up this position. No, we are afraid it's just not about wearing skinny jeans.iphone 6 bend gate

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Apple fires up Bend Gate with new job opening:

Of course, Apple has been doing a lot of testing to ensure that its products are durable, however, it sure can do with some help. The durability testing team needs a new Product Design Structural Analysis engineer for iPhone and iPod. This position will stress test all the new iPhone and iPod variants before they are launched, shipped, and bent in the users' pockets. 

Apple tried to cool down the bend gate episode with the usual "it happens in extremely rare cases" during the everyday use but looking at the new opening, you surely can see the company is a little more than just worried. Apple posted a response to this controversy saying that "only 9" customers out of the possible 10+ million new iPhones sold have complained about the bent smartphones. Company also stressed on its series of tests to ensure that product are strong and durable to survive an everyday usage.

So back to the interesting testing opening that requires more than just sitting while having the iPhone in your pocket. Apple has posted this position for a person who is an expert in failure analysis (whoopsie!), solid mechanics, and metallography among others to be able to work with Product Design Structural Analysis team. Here are the details as posted on Apple:bend gate

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