Three Different iPhone 7 3D Touch Internal Components Leak; Three Variants Coming This September?

iPhone 7 Production Has Finally Started At Pegatron – But iPhone 7 Plus Comes With A Different Story

When it comes to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, Cupertino's expected flagship smartphones upgrades for 2016 have been regular features of the rumor mill so far. We've seen features and specifications related to both surface with regularity over the course of this year and have manged to gather quite a bit on what to expect from the iOS end of the smartphone spectrum this year. The latest bit on the street suggests that the iPhone 7 has entered mass production but Apple's been facing some problems with the larger device and its dual camera module, expected by many to be the highlighting upgrade of the iPhone this year. Now, we've got some more leaks for you that bring back the possibility of three iPhone 7 variants this year.

Alleged iPhone 7 3D Touch Components Hint At Three Variants This Year

When it comes to the rumor mill, there's no end to the amount and type of information that's out there related to upcoming devices. A phenomenon that's picked up in pace over the past couple of years, these leaks often turn out to be quite on point when it comes to specifications and features of flagship gadget launches from major manufacturers out there and also help quite a bit in building up hype and anticipation w.r.t upcoming launches.

To that end, today we've managed to spot some more components of the upcoming iPhone 7 from Apple, which once again hint towards not two, but three variants of the device to be launched by Apple this September. Gathered by legendary French leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, the images claim to show three different Touch ID components, and surfaced originally on the Chinese social networking site, Weibo.


Taking a look at the image above, you can see that two of the components are similarly sized and could belong to the 4.7 inch variants of the iPhone 7. The third would most likely make it on board the iPhone 7 Plus, marking for a total of three devices this year. They also resemble some part leaks which surfaced way back in January so there might be more to them then just pure speculation.

Of course, given the nature of such leaks, nothing can be said to be set in stone until we see the actual launches from the manufacturers end. If you ask us, the possibility of Apple launching three iPhone 7 variants this year is highly unlikely, as it would only complicate things further on its smartphone lineup. Cupertino isn't big for such changes and since we've already seen a smaller iPhone SE being launched by the company this year, the chances of an additional iPhone this year are very slim indeed. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and sty tuned for the latest.


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