iPhone 6s on iOS 14 Holds up Gracefully, Performance is Surprisingly Smooth – Video

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iPhone 6s Running iOS 14, Performance Battery

Apple unveiled iOS 14 at its WWDC 2020 opening keynote, revealing all the major additions that the company has to offer. However, we were pleased to know that Apple is still supporting the iPhone 6s which was launched back in 2015. You won't see this any time soon on Android and the industry should take note. More importantly, the iPhone 6s performs surprisingly well on iOS 14.

5-Year Old iPhone 6s Running iOS 14 Shows Impressive Performance, Holds Up Pretty Well on Apple's Latest Release

Brandon Butch, a YouTuber shared a video that shows how the iPhone 6s manages to take hold of iOS 14. To my surprise, the device does not seem to be struggling with anything, whether it is the widgets, App Clips, or any other addition offered by iOS 14. Check out the video below for more details.

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The video walks us through most of the iOS 14 features running on iPhone 6s. The smartphone gracefully adapts to the new build and everything looks seamless and smooth. You will see no significant lag when widgets are maneuvered, PiP mode, Safari performance, messages, along with battery life menu. App Library seems to work like a charm and we can't be more glad.

Take note that iOS 14 is still in its beta phase and Apple has only released beta 1 as of now. We will see improved performance with the upcoming beta versions. We did notice a significant drop in battery life but that could be due to several reasons. Since iOS 14 is in the beta phase, it is crawling with bugs. these bugs tend to perform negatively and could cause the battery to drain faster. In addition, it is possible that the iPhone 6s running iOS 14 beta features aged battery.

iOS 14 brings PiP mode for YouTube, allowing you to watch our favorite videos and listen to music while you chat with your friends. However, the feature works within the Safari browser and not with YouTube's official app. Later on in the video, you can also see minor stutters in the keyboard, some apps not loading as fast, lag when moving the floating video bar. You should take note that the iPhone 6s features the company's A9 processor and just 2GB of RAM. Since apps underwent several updates, the limited RAM can only do so much.

As for the battery life, you should take note that widgets take most of the battery life since they are being refreshed automatically in the background. Also, since iOS 14 is in the beta phase on iPhone 6s, performance might change in the future as Apple releases bug fixes and performance enhancements. By the time iOS 14 is released later this year, it might run a lot better than you see right now.

iOS 14 is a must upgrade on new and older iPhone models. If you have the iPhone 6s, you should definitely look forward to the release. Moreover, Apple just breathed new life into the iPhone 6s and we're glad that it still gets software support from Apple.

Do you own an iPhone 6s? How is it holding up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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