Apple Kicks Off WWDC 2020 Keynote, Here are Some Quick Highlights in Plain Text

Jun 22, 2020

Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote is up and running. If you are interested in the 'text version' of what is going on, then you have come to the right place.

Apple to Announce iOS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14, macOS Big Sur and More at WWDC 2020, Read All About it Here

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How to Enable Handwashing Timer on Apple Watch in watchOS 7

If you prefer watching the live stream instead on YouTube, then you may do so by going to this link.

  • And the stream is up and running, and Tim Cook is on stage!
  • Tim Cook is starting the keynote off with a very impactful speech. This is powerful stuff. Talking about racism and the current pandemic situation.
  • Craig is now on stage!
  • First up is iOS 14.
  • And we have a brand new home screen widgets. This is amazing.
  • This is the biggest redesign of the home screen ever. Your iPhone is going to look super crazy.
  • New feature called App Library. Organizes all your apps in a simple, easy to navigate view.
  • You can hide your app pages and make everything neat. But, you can call up App Library to view your installed apps in a neat view.
  • Apple is not bringing the Today View widgets to the home screen. They are redesigned and come in custom sizes. This is insanely great.
  • Picture-in-Picture is also coming to the iPhone. This works for videos, FaceTime calls and more.
  • Siri is also getting a major update. No more full-screen UI.
  • When you ask for the weather update, a pop-up notification appears with the info you asked for.
  • Siri won't take over your display. This should make a lot of people happy.
  • New Apple app, called Translate announced.
  • It's secure, it's fast, it's natural.
  • The app intelligently detects the language.
  • Next up: Messages.
  • You can now pin your conversations. Just swipe, select the pin icon and the conversation stays at the top.
  • Memoji is getting a huge update. Age options, more face customizations and even face masks.
  • In-line replies and mentions also making the cut. You will only be notified whenever you are mentioned in a conversation. We needed this for so, so long!
  • Apple Maps is getting an update too.
  • New Maps is coming to more countries - UK, Ireland and Canada later this year.
  • Discovering new places has been improved too.
  • Apple Maps will now let you know how to reach a destination with the least possible carbon footprint.
  • Cycling routes and navigation is also available in more places.
  • Have an EV? Maps will show you a route that is friendly for your vehicle so you do not waste too much battery.
  • CarPlay is up next.
  • iOS 14 Announced With New Home screen, Widgets, and Improved Siri
  • CarPlay now supports wallpapers.
  • You can start your car using your iPhone using CarKey. This is magic.
  • CarKey works over NFC to unlock your car. It's super secure and you can disable keys whenever you like or even share keys.
  • Apple is enabling CarKey in iOS 13 very soon. So be on a lookout for that.
  • Next up: App Store.
  • "There's an app for that." Missed hearing that.
  • App Clips. Experience app without downloading them. Small part of an app. Light and fast, easy to discover.
  • App Clips is super convenient. You can launch it from literally anywhere. QR codes, Maps, iMessage, more.
  • iOS 14 is a wrap. Moving on now.
  • iPadOS 14 is up next.
  • You get the same redesigned widgets on the iPad. But, they look slightly better due to the larger display.
  • Photos app is getting a sidebar. Basically Photos like how it is on macOS. Interesting.
  • Apple is bringing sidebar to a lot of iPadOS apps. It makes sense too. Makes use of the screen real-estate.
  • iPadOS apps are now enhanced.
  • Music gets a brand new full-screen player. Album art and controls on the left, and live lyrics on the right.
  • Apple just mocked its own full-screen calling UI. It's no longer a part of iPadOS. A notification appears with accept and reject buttons. Same change coming to iOS 14 on iPhone.
  • Search on iPadOS now looks more like Spotlight on macOS. This is actually more useful than before.
  • Apple Pencil enhancements are coming too.
  • Scribble is coming to iPad. Type using Apple Pencil in a text field and it will be converted to text.
  • You can draw a rough shape with the Apple Pencil and hold and iPadOS will turn it into a proper shape.
  • Apple wants you to tape the Apple Pencil to your hand. Like, for real.
  • Next up: AirPods software.
  • Automatic switching. Done listening on your iPad? Pick up your iPhone, and AirPods will switch. Magic.
  • AirPods Pro is getting spatial audio.
  • If you have AirPods Pro on and you turn your head around, you get a theater like experience.
  • Next up: watchOS 7.
  • Apple Watch is getting rich complications. We did not saw this coming.
  • You can share watch faces using Face Sharing.
  • Cycling routes now available on Apple Watch.
  • Apple just added 'Dance' as a workout in the Workouts app in watchOS 7.
  • Activity app on iPhone will now be called Fitness.
  • Sleep tracking is finally available on Apple Watch.
  • watchOS 7 will help you prepare for bed. This includes a dimmer lock screen on iPhone, a dimmer Apple Watch display, Do Not Disturb turned on and so on.
  • Apple Watch will now detect for how long you've washed your hands. It will ping you at the 20th second that you are done scrubbing your hands.
  • Apple is now talking privacy. The company is way too serious about this now.
  • Privacy, privacy, privacy.
  • Apple is going to shame apps right in the App Store if they track you or share your data with someone else. Wow.
  • New AirPods Features Include Automatic Switching Between Devices and Calls, With Spatial Audio Coming to AirPods Pro
  • New enhancements for HomeKit.
  • HomeKit has been open-sourced.
  • New adaptive lighting is a new feature coming to smart lights. It is exactly what you think it is. Lights go warm as the sun goes down.
  • Lots of great new features coming to HomeKit, including enhancements to cameras and more.
  • Next up: tvOS 14.
  • Gaming enhancements for multi-users. Just switch profile and you will start with your game exactly where you left it.
  • Xbox Elite and Xbox Adaptive controller support also added to tvOS 14.
  • iPadOS 14 Announced With New Design Language, Siri Improvements, Home Screen Widgets & More
  • tvOS 14 is getting very subtle changes. Nothing groundbreaking at all. If you were expecting something radicle then dial down your hopes a little.
  • But, if you have a HomeKit doorbell or camera and motion is detected, tvOS 14 will show a floating display right on your TV thanks to the new Home feature.
  • macOS is up next.
  • Entirely new design and major new updates. Wow, this is really huge.
  • Craig says this is the biggest redesign to macOS ever since OS X. We are already sold.
  • I really wanted to ditch the Mac in favor of iPadOS completely. Now I'm confused. This is way too good.
  • This year it's all about the Mac.
  • Not gonna lie but this looks a lot like iOS. And Apple is not shying away from that fact either. They want consistency across their ecosystem.
  • All system apps look minimal and stunning.
  • Given how big this update is, can't wait to see the new bugs this is going to introduce.
  • Control Center has made its way to the Mac.
  • Remember those redesigned widgets from iOS 14 and iPadOS 14? They will be available on macOS Big Sur.
  • Messages on macOS Big Sur is getting a revamp. Powerful search, photo picker, Memoji Stickers and more.
  • Apple Maps is getting an all-new version on the Mac. Stunning new design, sidebar, guides and more.
  • Craig is now talking Mac Catalyst.
  • watchOS 7 Announced With Sleep Tracking, Multiple Complications, New Dance Type in Workouts, More
  • Safari is getting a big upgrade on the Mac. Enhanced performance, better privacy, biggest ever since Safari was introduced.
  • Safari is 50% faster than Chrome with better battery life.
  • But the big question is: does it do 4K for YouTube?
  • You will be able to use Chrome Extensions on Safari. Wait, what?!
  • Apple is demoing everything on the Pro Display XDR.
  • Safari will tell you how you are being tracked, if you are.
  • New Safari features built-in translation. Will detect language on page and will offering translations based on your native language.
  • Tim Cook back on stage. Probably to announce the transition to Apple's own chip from Intel. This is HUGE!
  • It's official: Apple is transitioning to its own chips.
  • Intel must be sweating so hard right now.
  • Apple says it now offers more performance per watt. Ouch, Intel. Ouch.
  • Apple is touting big performance gains for iPhone and iPad. Now all of that is coming to the Mac.
  • Apple will offer highest performance at the lowest power consumption.
  • macOS Big Sur Official – New Dock Designs, Updated Widgets, Fresh Control Center and an Aesthetically Upgraded UI for Apps
  • Its clear that Intel was slowing down Apple's innovation. This is a huge leap for the Mac.
  • Craig is demoing macOS Big Sur on a Mac with an A12Z Bionic. Fun fact: every single demo has been on the same chip so far. Wow.
  • The app demos are buttery smooth.
  • I personally can't wait to see what sort of Mac Apple will create.
  • Existing apps that haven't been updated for Apple's own chip will work just fine. But of course, they need to updated eventually.
  • Macs with Apple chips will run iPhone and iPad apps directly.
  • We will have a detailed post on how this whole thing works, so stay tuned for that.
  • And yes, there will be a dev kit.
  • Basically, a Mac mini with an A12Z Bionic, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and more.
  • First Mac coming this year with Apple silicon. Complete transition in two years.
  • Developer betas available later today.
  • Public beta in July.
  • New software shipping in Fall.
  • The event is a wrap. This was insanely great. Sure, no new hardware, but software was really something.
  • Apple Unveils tvOS 14 at WWDC 2020: Brings Support for Xbox Elite 2, Multi-User Support, and More

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