iPhone 6 vs Samsung’s 4.7-inch Galaxy Alpha in Pictures

Samsung's foray into metal with its 4.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Alpha is being considered as one step in the right direction. Draped in a high quality metal frame, Galaxy Alpha is a sleek smartphone with high-end specs. As was rumored earlier, this is actually an attempt to compete against Apple's products which highlight using premium metal and not plastics. Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to feature the same 4.7-inch display bringing both the tech giants almost offering similar products to the consumers.Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6

On one hand, Cupertino has this year increased the display size, on the other, Korean has introduced some metal into its smartphone - both in attempts to please their consumers and increase some more share as they go by. This is actually a proud moment for all the consumers who have been pushing these two tech giants to introduce better quality and bigger screen real estate. While this post is in no way taking side of any of these brilliant products, it will actually show you iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha in pictures so you could see both the competing products in one place.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha:

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone of the year on September 9; Samsung will start selling its Galaxy Alpha sometime in September too. iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha renders come from the popular designer Martin Utrecht who is a 3D model creator. Utrecht, who is experienced in designing textures and models of smart devices, has created these beautiful renders of both the smartphones - one official, another speculated. These images make use of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha official specifications and Apple iPhone 6 rumored specs. High quality renders will help you see both these beautiful products side-by-side.

Utrecht has made use of a large set of detailed photos of Alpha to ensure matching with every aspect of the smartphone giving it all the justice it deserves. You might take these renders leaning a bit towards Alpha as the device looks absolutely stunning in the renders making it quite hard for iPhone 6 to pop up as the more premium phone. Let's hope that Alpha does look and feel equally beautiful in the consumer hands too.

Here are the iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha rendered images.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha images:iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6 14764532560_46d24125cd_z Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6 Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6 Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6 Galaxy alpha vs iphone 6 iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha

Source: Flickr

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