HTML Email Signatures on iPhone and iPad – iOS Tips and Tricks

While there are quite a number of apps on the App Store claiming to help us create personalized, HTML email signatures for our mobile devices, here is one very easy, no-fuss method. No installing new apps or getting to know them too. With this method, you can add links your blogs, use italics or bold to highlight some of the text of your email signature and more. So what are we waiting for? Here is how to create beautiful, exclusive HTML email signatures for your iPhones and iPads.

Create HTML email signatures:

  • Create a new email on your computer and in the body create your own HTML email signatures using all the tools available within the compose screen.HTML email signatures
  • Send that signature as an email to yourself and open that email in your iOS device.
  • Tap and hold to Select All the text of the signature and then copy it.
  • Return to the home screen by pressing the Home key.
  • Launch Settings app > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Scroll down in the Mail screen and tap on Signature.
  • You can have same signature for All Accounts or have different ones for each account that you may have. Choose All accounts or the account that you want the particular HTML email signature to have for.
  • Delete the default Sent from my iPhone or Sent from my iPad text and tap to Paste the email signature you created earlier.
  • Go back and that's just about it!

This quick workaround will help you to have links and a different style to your email signature. However, if you want to have your website / company logo on it, that won't be possible with this method.

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