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Rafia Shaikh

Factory Reset is our way to go as the end users whenever we face some problems with our devices. If you want to restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a troubleshooting step or just to "renew" it, here are the steps to help you. restore iPhone iPad

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Prerequisites to check before you restore iPhone, iPad, iPod touch:

  • Make sure that you’ve got the latest version of iTunes.
  • The process will erase all the data from your iOS device. Ensure to create a back up of your device to help you restore it back.
  • The process will take quite a bit of time. Juice up your device or keep it connected with power.
  • Before starting the reset to factory settings, disable Find My iPhone feature if you have it enabled: Go to Settings app > iCloud Find My iPhone On/Off toggle.

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How to restore iOS devices:

Here is how to restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

  • Connect your iOS device to the computer and select it once it appears on the iTunes in the top right corner.
  • In the Summary tab, click on the Restore button.Restore Jailbroken iPhone
  • You will see a prompt confirming if you really want to restore your iOS device to factory settings. Click the Restore button to confirm.
  • Once your iOS device is successfully restored to factory settings, it will automatically restart.
  • When back on, you will see the Hello. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup your new iOS device. You can also elect to restore it from backup.Restore iPhone

Ta da! Yep, it was that simple.

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