How to Protect Your Smartphone’s Touch Screen – Android Tips and Tricks

Rafia Shaikh

Touch screen based smartphones and tablets aren't really very sensitive to scratches. They are designed and produced to be scratch-resistant and strong enough to tough the regular wear and tear. However, if you don't protect touch screen of your smartphones or tablets, it is fairly easy to damage them too.

Considering the cost of replacing the display screens, and also the loss of crisp viewing experience that comes with a shining new display, it is often advised to consumers to protect touch screen before they are ruined to bricks. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you protect touch screen based gadgets - don't forget to share your own tips with us!protect touch screen

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Tips to protect touch screen:

To help your smartphone display last longer and stay flawless, here are a few precautionary tips to help you maintain your touch screen panels. No more reckless behaviors, please!

  • Don't use everything to use the screen: Except your fingers or a stylus, don't use any other stuff to manipulate your touch screen based device. While Sony Xperia Z Ultra lets you use pencils to use the device, it is not recommended to use the same on other touch sensitive devices. Stay happy with your fingers and stylus.
  • Don't treat it like older electronics: Talking about gadgets and not using sharper objects to use the panel, it is also recommended to treat your touch screen based smartphone or tablet with a tad bit care. Modern day smartphones are not like those age old radio sets which needed a tap on the back to start working. When frozen, try to factory reset or visit a repair store rather than hitting it on the back. Also, do not apply strong pressure while using the gadget - almost all the high-end smartphones and tablets are quite accurately sensitive to finger taps. Be a little nice and gentle.
  • No sunlight please: Sunlight doesn't damage your smartphone in an instance; however, it is wise to not expose your smartphone or tablet to direct sunlight for long as it would damage the display panel.
  • Electric charges: Sudden electricity between two connected devices may cause disruption in the function of electronics. When your smartphone is placed near a electric device conducting electricity, it may result in sudden surge of electrostatic discharges harming the touchscreen.
  • Keeping device on for long: Another tip to help you protect touch screen panel is not leave it idle for extended periods. When you leave your gadget on without using it, it may lead to screen burn-in. Try to set a lock screen timeout to turn the device off after a certain few specified minutes of being idle.
  • Clean carefully: If you wear specs, use that cloth to clean the display of your smartphones. Any microfiber soft cloth is ideal for cleaning and maintaining touchscreens. Cleaning is also very similar to how we clean our spectacles: use a moist cloth or simply use your breathe and wipe it off with the cloth. It does the best without getting any water inside the gadget.
  • Screen protectors: Lastly, a very easy tip to save and protect touch screen based gadgets is to invest in a screen protector. Any low-cost sleeve, padded bag or protector will help you secure your display panel from any drops, scratches-inside-a-bag and other such scenarios.

We hope these few simple tips and tricks will help you protect touch screen of your gadgets. As we requested earlier too, please to not forget to share your tips with us too.

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