Smartphone Photography – Tips and Tricks

Rafia Shaikh
smartphone photography tips

Our smartphones are trying their best to replace every other gadget we own. From gaming to office work to photography, smartphones like to be pro at everything. Considering that, here are a few useful smartphone photography tips to help you out when trying to catch some good snapshot while travelling.

Smartphone photography tips:

1- One of the basic tips you need to care about while photographing from your smartphone is to hold it steady. Mobile devices don't usually stabilize the blur of images optically. Try to have good grip on your smartphone when taking photos. Since most of the smartphones we use now are touch based, our hands often tremble when we touch the shutter button; focus and be still.smartphone photography tips

2- Practice on your camera's different available modes. Many cameras include the features of capturing moving objects, photographing while driving, and the usual night and daylight modes among others. Practice and see how your smartphone's work for you.

3- Always opt for the highest resolution available in your camera settings - unless you are suffering from memory issues. It is also suggested often to not use a 16:9 ratio unless your camera has a 16:9 image sensor like available in Moto X and HTC One.

4- Crop later and do not use the digital zoom while photography. Zooming and digital stretching affects the image quality. If you only some part of your camera canvas, you can easily crop the undesired portion out later. Another prefered tip is to get closer to the desired object rather than using zooming or cropping feature.

5- Be careful about focusing your subject. If your camera isn't focusing your desired subject, tap on the subject and mostly camera will set both the focus and exposure on the area of your subject.

6- Rule of thirds is a technique often taken advantage of by pro photographers. But hellah, why can't we amateurs not take benefit from this technique? According to this rule, imagine having a grid that divides the frame in 9 squares by 3 equal vertical and horizontal sections (hint: Instagram). You have to place the important part of your compositions on the lines or their intersections to create more energy and interest in those particular sections. smartphone photography tips

Some other smartphone photography tips:

1- We are increasingly becoming addicted with different editing features available via various apps, native camera feature, and online editors. These edits, if cleverly used, can change a rather dull photo to a very great shot. However, it is not recommended to overdo this editing. Rather than just relying on default filters, try to play with brightness, sharpness and saturation on your images. At times these little tweaks can work more wonders than the lomosepiatoaster, and x-pro. 

2- Use different camera apps and compare the features and editing options available. Camera app found by default mostly lack one feature or the other. Try to get some good apps like Camera FV-5 for Android, KitKam for iOSPE-Fotolr for some basic editing and effects, CamScanner for using your smartphone as a professional scanner and more!

3- Always capture a good two or three photos of any particular composition. There are chances what you might have considered a good photo turns out to be photobombed when you check it later. Don't go overboard with 10-15 snaps since this way you won't be focusing on capturing right anyway.

4-  Last but definitely not the least, wipe your camera's lens clean as smartphone lens get dirty very easily considering our using while eating habits. Use some soft cloth to clean it from time to time.

Do you have some other smartphone photography tips and tricks? We would love to learn some new tips and share with our readers!

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