Always Wished for that Lit-Up Apple Logo on iPhone? Possibility with iPhone 6!


We have seen a number of different aspects of iPhone 6 in the leaked photos of the upcoming smartphone. Given that iPhone 6 is expected to release in only a couple of months, we are almost getting new updates and leaked images every other day. New photos provide a closer look at iPhone 6 notifications light-up Apple logo on the back of the smartphone. While some users have always wanted a lit-up logo for the iPhone, iPhone 6 may just make this a possibility.iPhone 6 notifications

iPhone 6 notifications light up Apple logo:

Previously, Apple has embossed the logo on the rear panel of the iPhone 6. Today's leaked images show the insides of the rear which now has a plastic panel covering the aperture of the Apple logo. These images have geared started a new conversation about the possibility of iPhone notifications lighting up the rear Apple logo. With this, your iPhone's back logo will light up whenever you receive a new email, phone call, or any other notifications. iPhone 6 notifications

This rumor also gets its backing from the sheer thinness of the plastic which will easily let the light to shine through the device. However, there is another strong possibility of this design change being implemented for improved radio transmission. Whatever the case be, it is worth to wait for the next images, analysis focusing on this particular aspect of iPhone 6.

This year Apple is highly rumored to launch two larger iPhone models: 4.7-inch and another 5.5-inch variant. Following previous year, one of these devices may see a cheaper iPhone 6c version too increasing the workload to millions of devices.

Next gen iPhone is expected to sport an ultra-thin, almost bezel-less design form with rounded edges. iPhone 6 leaked images and news suggest that the device will sport an A8 processor, 1 GB RAM, Touch ID sensor, and an improved 8 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). iPhone 6 is also expected to sport a durable sapphire display panel. Software wise, iPhone 6 will be powered by iOS 8 featuring new fitness apps with a focus on Healthbook app, an improved Maps and Siri experience, inter-app communication capabilities and more such refinements.

Source: uswitch