Multitasking Test Puts iPhone 6 Ahead of Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8


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iPhone 6 multitasking performance test:

The latest iPhone has performed brilliantly on different benchmark tests. While it is not having any monopoly as there have been some tests where the iPhone has lagged behind, multitasking certainly doesn't come under that category. The test was arranged by the folks at Phone Buff who ran multiple laps of opening apps, going back to home screen, starting a new app, jumping in between, and so on. All of the devices are started on a counter to see each lap's score on individual smartphones. As you can see in the video, iPhone 6 is taking the lead followed by HTC One M8 and then finally, the Galaxy S5.

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The video goes through different apps from loading pages in the browser to opening multiple games. Is this iPhone 6 performance test going to help you in making a decision about this year's smartphone?

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Source: Phone Buff