iPhone 13 mini Won’t Be Canceled, Despite Poor Sales of the iPhone 12 mini


Apple’s iPhone 12 mini successor, the iPhone 13 mini, is still expected to be part of this year’s lineup, despite lackluster sales of the compact flagship. It’s possible Apple has revised its production target with its supply chain and will aim to produce fewer units while focusing its resources on the other high-end models.

iPhone 12 mini Made up Only 5 Percent of All iPhone Sales in the U.S., According to Previous Data

The latest update from Jon Prosser, host of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech mentions the arrival of the iPhone 13 mini, despite the poor reception of the iPhone 12 mini. The 5.4-inch model was the worst-selling out of all four in the U.S. during the October to November period, with reports coming in that Apple might stop producing it during the second quarter of 2021 due to weak demand.

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All this evidence point towards the bitter truth; there’s a negligible market for compact smartphones like the iPhone 12 mini. Still, Prosser, along with tipster Mauri QHD, believe that the iPhone 13 mini isn’t getting canceled, and it could mean that it will be produced in significantly less volume compared to the other three models expected later this year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release four iPhone 13 models of the exact display sizes as last year.

It’s also reported that the iPhone 13 series will see no production delays this time around, with all four models expected in September of this year. It’s unclear if the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR will continue to sell after the iPhone 13 series release, but a few reports have mentioned that part of the iPhone 12 mini’s lackluster sales was due to the attractive pricing of the previous-generation models.

Sure, the iPhone 12 mini features the faster A14 Bionic, but both iPhone 11 and iPhone XR tout a bigger display, translating into higher screen real estate and improved battery life as a result of a larger footprint. We’ll continue to see if Apple will maintain its stance on an iPhone 13 mini release or if it will cancel the upcoming compact handset at the eleventh hour.

You can check the entire episode of Front Page Tech below to check out the remaining info.

News Source: Front Page Tech