iPhone 12 mini the Worst Performing Model out of All Four Models Launched in 2020, According to New Data

Omar Sohail
iPhone 12 mini the Worst Performing Model out of All Four Models Launched in 2020, According to New Data

The iPhone 12 mini is once again part of a new report and for all the wrong reasons. Previously, when it was mentioned that Apple isn’t seeing much success from the compact 5.4-inch handset, it appears there’s a lot of truth to that statement. That’s because fresh data suggests that out of all the four models Apple released in 2020, the smallest one is the weakest link.

Part of Why the iPhone 12 mini Isn’t Performing Well Could Be Due to Less Expensive and Solid Alternatives Like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11

The latest data from CIRP shows that the iPhone 12 mini only made up 6 percent of all iPhone sales in the U.S. from October to November. According to CIRP Partner and co-founder Mike Levin (via 9to5Mac), the iPhone 12 mini’s appeal was cut short thanks to its higher asking price than the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and the 2020 iPhone SE.

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“It has most of the same features as the other iPhone 12 models, in a smaller form factor for $699. Its share was just above that of iPhone XR, launched in 2018 and now priced at $499, the one-year old iPhone 11, now selling for $599, and the 2nd generation iPhone SE, launched in April 2020 at $399. It seems that it’s higher price point compared to those three models limited the iPhone 12 mini appeal.”

The remaining three models that launched last year had a different story to tell in terms of sales. The regular 6.1-inch iPhone 12 took the largest share in the U.S., accumulating a figure of 27 percent. In fact, a previous report stated that this version was the highest-selling 5G-ready device for October 2020, securing a 16 percent market share. As for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, both premium handsets accounted for 20 percent of new iPhone sales in the U.S. during the same period.

This data shows that as much as people covet powerful yet pocketable smartphones, there’s no massive market for them. These results can also mean that Apple might have second thoughts about the iPhone 13 mini later this year. However, one report states that we should see four models with the same display sizes as their predecessors, so let us see if there are any changes to the company’s plans. As for the iPhone 12 mini, do you believe that there are chances of recovery in sales?

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News Source: CIRP

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