New iPhone 12 Pro Benchmark Shows up to a 25% Performance Increase Compared to iPhone 11 Pro Thanks to the A14 Bionic

New iPhone 12 Pro Benchmark Shows up to a 25% Performance Increase Compared to iPhone 11 Pro Thanks to the A14 Bionic

Just yesterday, a disappointing compute benchmark showed the iPhone 12 Pro getting much lower scores in the multi-core segment than the iPad Air 4 despite both products featuring Apple’s newest A14 Bionic SoC. The latest benchmark paints a more rosy picture for Apple’s newest and premium 6.1-inch model while also revealing that the flagship can deliver up to a 25 percent performance gain compared to last year’s iPhone 11 Pro.

Updated Scores of the iPhone 12 Pro Are More or Less in Line With the iPad Air 4

The previously leaked Geekbench 5 results saw the iPhone 12 Pro obtain a single-core score of 1590 and a multi-core result of 3120. While the iPad Air 4 was equal to the iPhone 12 Pro in the single-core category, the new tablet achieved a multi-core score of 4198. Thankfully, the updated results on Geekbench 5 show that the iPhone 12 Pro is an absolute beast with 6GB RAM, even though both it and the iPhone 12 have disappointed in a fresh AnTuTu benchmark leak. The results are given below should you wish to check them out.

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One reason why the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro weren’t obtaining high multi-core scores was thanks to an explanation given by Geekbench founder John Poole, who informed MacRumors that this is common to see in new iPhone models that have just been removed from their packaging. With these updated results, the iPhone 12 Pro is around 20-25 percent faster than the iPhone 11 Pro, which to remind you, was powered by an A13 Bionic.

If you want to see an even bigger difference pop up between the two chipsets, you should definitely out the A14 Bionic’s graphics performance. Apple’s latest 5nm silicon not only beats the A12Z Bionic, but its GPU is 72 percent faster than the A13 Bionic GPU running in the iPhone 11 series. While these results are downright impressive, we’ll have to see exactly what this means for real-world usage. The compute and graphics prowess of the A14 Bionic may also reveal that Apple is working to bring similar hardware to the 2020 Apple TV.

With this practice, Apple will have sufficient graphics horsepower to roll out AAA titles that can compete with the likes of 'Breath of the Wild’, and that should be an exciting topic to talk about, but in the future. For now, do let us know what you thought of these updated iPhone 12 Pro benchmarks down in the comments.

News Source: Geekbench 5

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