iPhone 12 Will Reportedly Lack 120Hz Driver ICs, Preventing All Four Models From Supporting a High Refresh Rate


During the start of the year, it was rumored that the iPhone 12 would be Apple's first lineup to feature 120Hz refresh rate displays. This would mean that all four models will have fluid displays similar to the ProMotion technology present on the latest iPad Pro. Later, reports came in that only the more premium iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max would be treated to 120Hz displays. Now, DSCC analyst Ross Young claims that there’s no existing hardware for any iPhone 12 model to support high refresh rates.

Previous Rumor Stated That the iPhone 12 Range Would Have the Hardware to Support the 120Hz Refresh Rate but It Would Be Locked via Software

Young states that sources have told him that no iPhone 12 model will sport 120Hz driver ICs, meaning that the existing hardware isn’t even going to be present in the upcoming models for them to support the high refresh rate. That’s really disappointing to hear but it shouldn’t be surprising considering that the wave of rumors was consistent with this news.

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Also, in case you’re wondering when could we receive the first crop of iPhone models that will support high refresh rate displays, one tipster claims we should wait until 2022, as the iPhone 13 Pro will support it. Sadly, Young hasn’t mentioned why Apple isn’t rumored to stick with high refresh rate displays for the iPhone 12. Keep in mind that Apple prefers quality hardware for its product lineup, which is why models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max receive an A+ award from screen calibration experts like DisplayMate.

With BOE failing to deliver displays for the iPhone 12 series due to quality-related issues, it looks like a majority of those shipments will be provided by Samsung. However, it looks like even Samsung’s 120Hz OLED screens failed to pass the quality test phase, though we have confidence that Apple will be working closely with its supply chain to ensure that such displays are optimized in every manner before the official unveiling.

Still, having a 60Hz refresh display isn’t the end of the world but if you’re planning on purchase any iPhone 12 model and if a 120Hz display was on the top of your priority list, you’ll have to pick a model from the Android camp.

News Source: Twitter (Ross Young)