Gaming Monitors With A Refresh Rate of 480 Hz, May Soon Be In Development

Evan Federowicz
480 Hz

Since many gamers now utilize high refresh rate displays, featuring refresh rates ranging from 120 Hz up to 165 Hz, Some manufacturers have begun development to push refresh rates even further. According to TFTCentral, both LG.Display and AU Optronics have stated their goals to create a 480 Hz LCD panel, although no specific production dates have been officially released, LG.Display does currently have its 480 Hz display listed for production in Q4 2022.

LG.Display and AU Optronics have come forward to announce their intention to create an LCD monitor with a 480 Hz refresh rate!

Many gamers have been utilizing gaming monitors that offer fast refresh rates ranging from 75 Hz, just 15 Hz above the standard 60 Hz, all the way to 165Hz, increasing the refresh rate by 100 Hz. Many eSports gamers look to have the highest refresh rate possible. This is because having a high refresh rate and fast reaction time can significantly increase your performance in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, where fast reactions and quick thinking are critical.

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480 Hz
480 Hz

While many gamers get a 144 Hz or a 165 Hz gaming monitor, the faster display features a refresh rate of up to 360 Hz but is usually limited in either the resolution or size of the screen. Most 360 Hz refresh rate monitors feature a 24.5" screen size and a 1080p resolution, and this is due to the graphics power required to power the faster refresh rate.

LG.Display is one of the two companies that have stated they plan to develop a 480 Hz display. The company did state that development will begin in 2021, with production beginning in late 2022, which will delay these display's release onto the eSports and gaming markets. Very little information has been released at this point, although the first option will most likely feature a 24.5" screen size and HDR 400 Support.

The second company to announce its desire to create a 480 Hz refresh rate monitor is AU Optronics which has stated its goal to not only create a 1080p screen with a refresh rate of up to 480 Hz but also create a 4K display with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. Sadly AU Optronics has yet to release any official information other than its development goals, meaning we'll need to wait longer to hear about its high refresh rate and possibly high-resolution monitors.

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